Hologram-Video Calling

In the future, the entire house will be designed for having a “viewing room” with full of internet access, and having an invisible screen that allow virtual face-to-face conversations between people. This will truly enable people to have more access to the people related to them. No more phone, no more computer, no more wedges are needed for us to bring everywhere. As the improvements in the speed and stability of broadband internet connections, this virtual face-to-face conversation, or we can call it as “live” hologram conversation, are able to establish in a real time.

This technology definitely give some advantages, for instance reducing transportation costs and saving time. We will be just trying to envision that one time Prince Charles or Barrack Obama is able to have conversation face-to-face with us in our lecture hall. Can you believe if we are asking questions and seeing one of them appearing live in front of our faces? There will be no distance and much time required to have face-toface contact with them. Another context,  we do not need to buy ticket to watch a live concert since we have, so called, “direct” live concert to see them. Or, for a particular band that we are looking forward to, do not need to perform lively on the stage as they can use hologram technology that enables them to meet with their fans and perform for them.

However, this technology will not come cheap. A live hologram need to have a fast and a next generation broadband internet network that can guarantee 20 megabytes per second.  Also, they need a screening room with compatible lighting and video technology. The total costs are around 100000 pound sterling. If we try to add the cost for hologram viewing screen it will cost around 150000 pound sterling. Redesigning the architectural concept for residential house is really needed in order for one house can embrace the technology fully.

We can just see whether this technology will be a reality in the next 5 years or not. World seems getting closer. Really. And White House is no longer at Washington D.C, it is just next door.


Virtual Computer Mouse

A company based in Seoul, South Korea, Celluon,  has developed a computer mice and keyboards that might be the future generation of those two computer hardware. Evomouse can transforms any flat surface into virtual track pad. The innovation that features cute animal, is equipped with two infrared eyes that can track  user fingers movement and send the input directly to the PC or any mobile devices. Users can give different and simple gestures in the area of track, for example, to rotate you should make a circle gesture with your finger on the surface track, or if you want to go to the next page you can just make a gesture like flipping book pages.

Besides mouse, the Celluon’s Magic Cube can also project a virtual keyboards that able to detect our finger movements according to the key we press. Any flat surface can be a keyboard. Furthermore, there are some people enjoy the mechanical sound from the physical keyboard. Magic cube also provide optional mechanical sound that allow users to hear the keyclick sound effect. Below is the video tutorial of the product.

Not only available for PC, Magic Cube will be also available for mobile devices such as Android devices and iPhone.



Photographs have become an important element in journalism as the development of photojournalism in journalistic communication. It is no longer used for a sake of showing what an object looks like, but it is more fucntioned as a source to be discussed and evaluated with other elements of journalism. People often use terms like documentary, potrait, illustration, or feature, though they have slighly different meaning in the context of photojournalism. Photojournalism is used with the aim of giving information or news event to audience.

Photograph and news have a different function on an article in terms of topicality, but both of them can function complemantarily. If a picture is topical, it can be used as and additional information as it is closely related to an emerging situation or news event. However, if it is less topical, the picture can be used as a background information of a topic.

Somehow, photographs must be related and deal with the topic in order to make a good connection between two forms of communication. Choices of photographic genres are quite predictable; sports usually use photos, where business often use potrait. However, people also often break these, so called, rule, as long as it is related to the article. In addition to this, photographs cannot be determined from the genre of the article, for example, but should be assessed independently.

In terms of the topic that we are learning for this module, the introduction of internet, internet is ultimately a visual world, where totally change the way we see the world, the way we read news. Below is a video featuring Zach Wise, a photojournalist, who is currently working for New York Times and New York Times Magazine.

Pictures can have more meaning and various expression about an event, that can drive more people to react towards certain situation. It often happens that people are more demanding for visualizations, as a proof for them to convince. The following pictures are some visualization of the current situation in Japan.






And below is a video to show what this photojournalist experienced along his career. He has seen too much war.

Politics Among Young Adults

Why are some young adults not interested in politics? The following points are some general reasons why young adults have low concern about politics.

Political Efficacy

Young adults don’t see themselves are able to make difference to the overall government sturucture.  Exams, getting jobs, assignments, are considered to be more important for them, rather than solving political issues and critisizing politicians. Lack of timing due to school work and projects is another reason why they seems not following politics. They spend more time dealing with school and their future career.

Political Apathy

It is likely that young adults don’t see government have  much impacts in their life as students; they are going to school and not worrying about taxes and healthcare. As the increasing age, people are more partcipative towards political issues. They have more demands in their social and economic needs linked to government, for example taxes, getting a mortage, etc). It leads adults to understand politics and know the issues occured within the government, they automatically be more participatice and attentive towards political issues.

Despite of a lack of participation and concern from the young adults, it will be better if we just ask them to participate in other activities, such as volunteering, online activist. political consuimerism, etc. This will trigger them to be more engaged in the issues related to governmental phenomenon. People are more attracted to something that can give them an effect. By doing such activities that related to their interests, will lead them to be attentive and make politics become their concern. This help government to get more ideas and aspiration from the young generations.

The following link is one example of one young people participating in government sectors. This young lady though she has grown up in a family who deals t with government, her politics concern was born when she started doing volunteering. That made her visible to the government due to her dedication for country. And her career in government started from there. I love the part when she said that she wanted to be the voice for youth, and to be a representative for youth in the government.


Sony Media Maketing Strategy

Sony has been doing a great job in promoting their brand, and up to now, there is nobody who doesn’t know how successful their brand is. They are selling laptop, Walkman MP3 player, launching video campaign, movies, and even online courses.

Sony took different method of transaction with their customers and attempted to maintain the relationship-driven communication with them. According to Big Money, Sony posted Twitter Vaio sales of more than $ 1.5 million during the limited-offer period. They offered a chance to their followers to custom build their own Sony Vaio laptop and get 10% discount from the final sale price.  Acknowledging the importance of dialogue to build relationship with customers and rolling out specialized products rather than generic offers lead to the success of Sony in achieving higher market profit. Additionally, Sony also used Twitter to advertise Facebook movie.

Another strategy, Sony Vaio promoted their brand by launching a video campaign regarding media addiction on Youtube. It was launched on 12th of August and has lead Sony to be a more recognizable brand among people. And below is the “Say No to Social” video campaign that Sony Vaio has launched.



Sony advertised their Walkman MP3 player in Japan by exploiting their creativity in experimenting any music scene from Japan, and transfered it into a music video form. This method of promoting  product brand is very common in global marketing competition. However, Sony Walkman have successfully brought their brand to be more prominent because they are able to relate something that is relevant to their demographic background with something that is cool. From the video, Sony is also able to portray  that Japanese experimental music scene is alive and developing. Below is one of the Sony Walkman promoted video, engaging combination between culinary and musical skills.



Sony Pictures has launched another method of campaign, but they just used an old school of campaign by using a phone number.  And this is the campaign picture.



The calls lead to a recording featuring star Leighton Meester as Rebeca, stating that she is looking for the perfect roommate. She will be saying like “We can share everything….” and ending with she yelling ” I just want to be your friend, ” after whipping herself up into  uncontrollable state. Kind of scary,though!

The last method of campaign I have found that the Sony Corp. used to promote their brand company is by launching online courses. Was tired of traditional marketing ways, Sony attempts to make a different and useful method of promoting their company brand. It has been eight years for them actually doing these online courses method, providing four different classes for online visitors; personal computing, home entertainment, digital photography, and business solutions for the small business. It is still uncertain whether they are now providing more classes for these online courses. However, I think, Sony has already done a great job in promoting their brand.


PC Tools? Panda Software?

I am trying to compare these two free anti virus software since these two offer different application that is useful, depending on the purpose that the users have. And the features that each software has are most preferable features people look for.

Panda Clouds can detect 355 out of 380 malware samples. Because this antivirus is in-the-cloud software which is based in the sense that files are scanned on a remote server without using any processing power of the user’s machine, this software is a little bit slow, and people will  end up with highly infected computer due to its slow malware virus detection. However, Panda Clouds is able in detecting every single malware samples, and even able in detecting files that cannot be neutralized. Then, the program willl recommands restarting the  computer to handle the non-neutralize malware, but it is failed in doing its job.

PC Tools Antivirus is a computer protection against Trojan, viruses, worms, spyware, amd other types of malware. It is user friendly software since it is free and bundled with Google Chrome browser installer. It also offers e-mail guard to scan the incoming and outgoing messages using any e-mail program (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail). It provides a free file guard that you can use for monitoring malicious files and processes. It is able to detect 370 out of 380 malware samples and leaving the PC at risk against 10 malware programs. And 3 out of 10 executed malware programs prevented, and leaving computer infected with only 7 malware programs.

Based on the real time detection and prevention of these programs, these are the expectation of protection precentage; PC Tools Antivirus is 98.5 % protection in real time and Panda Cloud offers 94% of real-time protection.

These precentage are resulted based on whether any malware that are not detected are executed. If a free virus protection program failed to detect 10 malware samples, those non-detected samples will be run into determine if the free AV will triger an alert , block or prevent infections. However, if the software failed to detect at least 25 malware programs , it is considered below the 95% protection level.

We can say that PC Tools Antivirus is a better antivirus software than Panda Cloud. However, it does not only rely on the protection software itself, but the settings on the PC, the action that the users take while they surf, retrieving  emails or download files, the support by AV vendors for their product (e.g. are the bugs being fixed, do they use advanced technology, etc), and whether it has a fast detection method of new threats, and have effective removal and detection, are actually the most essential element to make your computer safe!


Video Making

There are three general steps of how to make a video, and these steps are also applied in a professionl film-making, where longer preparation and process are needed.

The most important and basic step in video making process is planning, or when people call it as pre-production process.  Here, skill and experience in developing a video is necessary, but it takes time to develop. In this step, someone need to consider the approximate length of a video, how much scene should they take, and how much talking they need to put in. Also, it is necessary for them to consider what music they want to add in, whether the song can fit the scene or not. Developing the script or the storyboard in order to provide the general story is also crucial in video making, and decision in what format the video will be converted is essential to acknowledge the requirements of the medium or format.

The second step is strongly related to the process of camera work and sound recording, the production process. This step involves a very technical skills of camera control andain recognizing the potential of a good shot. Eventhough some people lack of these skills , learning how to control the cameras and developing the videos to be much better is one of the way to make someone to be more experienced and skillful in this film making process.

The last step is the finishing part, post-production stage; where editing and encoding the finished video is taking part. In this stage, the fim-maker can start removing the unwanted scenes and arranging the desired scenes. Then, they can start adding music and converting the video in a desired format.

I had one project asking us to make a video. I took this module in my first semester and this video was mainly to introduce our group members before we worked together for the main project. We put a lot of effort in making this video, though it was not included in our subject assessment. We had a lot of fun in each of the process, particularly in designing the concept, and arranging every scene we planned in order to make it more flowing. We took different scenes in diffferent angles and different places; deciding what song should be added in and ensuring that the song could fit with the scenes. Deleting and cutting some scenes, editing some part of the video, and ensuring that the video would not exit the limit was the most difficult part in overall process yet it was the last stage of our video making process. It took almost one month of our semester to make this video good enough to be shown in the class. Eventually, we made it!

And, below is our video that we made for COM 101 module. Enjoy!