The amazing innovation of Web 2.0 has distinguished it from its earlier function as only being an informative tool, when people only became an audience and being passive towards the information received. On Web 1.0, the earlier version of Web 2.0, is more static pages and less dynamic user-generated content.  It is more about reading than writing, and hosted by companies rather than communities. Thus, it is no more than the news that we see everyday on TV, or newspaper that we read every morning. Web 2.0 is indeed a good technology refinement that transform internet to become more interactive and useful in every elements of social life.

So, Web 2.0 indeed functions well to everyone. However, does it do so for children? Some of websites, for example YouTube, provide an objectionable content which can be harmful and less educational for them. Restricting them not to use the internet is inadequate , whereas children actually enjoy watching YouTube.

How many people have recognized that there is YouTube version children, where children can upload their videos?

One example of Web 2.0 which is the same as YouTube is Kideos. This is another “YouTube” version designed for kids. It is safe and and quite entertaining. It offers screened videos for kids with all their favorite characters. One thing that make it different to Totlol is each video on Kideos has been screened by the site Video Advisory Council before they make it onto their site. They attempt to empower parents to feel comfortable allowing their child to spend time in a wise way, while also making sure children have a thoroughly entertaining experience.

There are still a lot of websites that can be more interactive than one mentioned. The dynamic and interactive characteristic that Web 2.0 try to offer, provide another way for kids to be more active in gaining their knowledge. Also, it also facilitates parents to conduct interactive way for kids to learn.

And here is the link to the website

And one of the video that I have found interesting 😀

The Wiggles – Hot Potato | Kideos.