I had friendster and I was crazy about it. I loved to change the background, added the music application, and I even knew how to change the HTML in order to change the size and the color of the text. I posted all the pictures and even spent my time to do some photo hunting ONLY so I could upload it into my album. But, where are they now?

I have moved to another social networking that there had been quite a lot people talk about it. I thought it would be similar to Friendster so I did not expect too much from it. But then, this new social networking had me addicted to it. The  page layout is easier to learn, and there are more things you can do that make it so entertaining to spend time with. Not only searching your old friends, uploading pictures, or commenting on friends’ posts, but you also can chat with your friends, play games, and try on the applications offered by them.

In my opinion, one major failure that Friendster had only related to technogical aspect. Other social networks have been giving their effort only to sastify their members. They do have troubles sometimes, but then they quickly fix it and try to develop the existing source and not only focusing on how to figure out the “next” thing. I still remembered how long I needed to wait to  log in and wait for it to be ready to use. And it also took quite awhile  to send testimonials or upload pictures. They were unable to quickly fix this problem.

Also,  there was nothing much to do and seemed Friendster had nothing much to offer for their members. We were not able to do much nor Friendster can give any new direction for us to exploit the advantages they have given. When did you remember Friendster have “tagging” features that enable some people to advertise their products by tagging their “friends” to see the pictures of their products? No! Friendster is lack of capability that enable consumers to use and explore their creativity. This is what consumers would like to see; the creativity from the social network company and new places for the members so that they can share their creative ideas.

Despite of all their weaknesses, it is fair to regard Friendster as major scalling for other social networks. They can evaluate the mistakes, so that they are able to acknowledge general level of satisfaction from the internet users.