It is always interesting discussing about this new internet business because of different method that different companies use in order to get more customers. e-Marketing is very useful to introduce or advertise your products since people nowadays use internet more in their life. But what are the general method to start e-marketing?

For internet maketing to work, you need to start by answering several questions that will determine what your target is. Who is my target? Students, hoousewives, business man? What are they looking for? A multitask gadget or what? And what are my online competitors doing to get online?

Creating solid fondation of the quality content is significant in order to build the trust from the targets. Make sure your website is search engine friendly and compeling to website. This will heighten the chance for the websites to be visited by people. Also, set up newsletter or blog to make your prospect easy to learn more about your company. Customers need to know the background of a company in order to ensure that this is the right company that they are looking for, which sell the products or services they want. If impossible, try to develop marketing materials such as video or similar info or products that demonstrate expertise, or build social media, for example forum or chatting that enable viewers interact with customer service. It is not only by building certainty, we can have their trust to buy our products and services.

Building relationship online is also crucial for this online business . By asking to ourselves which experts your target market pays attention to, can give us direction to whom we should cooperate to in order to attract their attention. Moreover, we need to consider the individuals or company who can be our logical networking partner. Also, the social media and social networking that your target usually use. It helps a lot to advertise your product or services. Based on some survey, 75% of all active U.S. Internet households visited a social networking site in May 2010, and 22% of the time spent online is attributed to social networking sites. Advertising in social networks is apparently faster, easier, and lower cost, though, it will be also quite offensive if the company keep sending messages or e-mail regarding of their products. Acknowledging the portion and understanding the extent we can promote the  products will help us to approach a larger scope of  targets.