There are three general steps of how to make a video, and these steps are also applied in a professionl film-making, where longer preparation and process are needed.

The most important and basic step in video making process is planning, or when people call it as pre-production process.  Here, skill and experience in developing a video is necessary, but it takes time to develop. In this step, someone need to consider the approximate length of a video, how much scene should they take, and how much talking they need to put in. Also, it is necessary for them to consider what music they want to add in, whether the song can fit the scene or not. Developing the script or the storyboard in order to provide the general story is also crucial in video making, and decision in what format the video will be converted is essential to acknowledge the requirements of the medium or format.

The second step is strongly related to the process of camera work and sound recording, the production process. This step involves a very technical skills of camera control andain recognizing the potential of a good shot. Eventhough some people lack of these skills , learning how to control the cameras and developing the videos to be much better is one of the way to make someone to be more experienced and skillful in this film making process.

The last step is the finishing part, post-production stage; where editing and encoding the finished video is taking part. In this stage, the fim-maker can start removing the unwanted scenes and arranging the desired scenes. Then, they can start adding music and converting the video in a desired format.

I had one project asking us to make a video. I took this module in my first semester and this video was mainly to introduce our group members before we worked together for the main project. We put a lot of effort in making this video, though it was not included in our subject assessment. We had a lot of fun in each of the process, particularly in designing the concept, and arranging every scene we planned in order to make it more flowing. We took different scenes in diffferent angles and different places; deciding what song should be added in and ensuring that the song could fit with the scenes. Deleting and cutting some scenes, editing some part of the video, and ensuring that the video would not exit the limit was the most difficult part in overall process yet it was the last stage of our video making process. It took almost one month of our semester to make this video good enough to be shown in the class. Eventually, we made it!

And, below is our video that we made for COM 101 module. Enjoy!