I am trying to compare these two free anti virus software since these two offer different application that is useful, depending on the purpose that the users have. And the features that each software has are most preferable features people look for.

Panda Clouds can detect 355 out of 380 malware samples. Because this antivirus is in-the-cloud software which is based in the sense that files are scanned on a remote server without using any processing power of the user’s machine, this software is a little bit slow, and people will  end up with highly infected computer due to its slow malware virus detection. However, Panda Clouds is able in detecting every single malware samples, and even able in detecting files that cannot be neutralized. Then, the program willl recommands restarting the  computer to handle the non-neutralize malware, but it is failed in doing its job.

PC Tools Antivirus is a computer protection against Trojan, viruses, worms, spyware, amd other types of malware. It is user friendly software since it is free and bundled with Google Chrome browser installer. It also offers e-mail guard to scan the incoming and outgoing messages using any e-mail program (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail). It provides a free file guard that you can use for monitoring malicious files and processes. It is able to detect 370 out of 380 malware samples and leaving the PC at risk against 10 malware programs. And 3 out of 10 executed malware programs prevented, and leaving computer infected with only 7 malware programs.

Based on the real time detection and prevention of these programs, these are the expectation of protection precentage; PC Tools Antivirus is 98.5 % protection in real time and Panda Cloud offers 94% of real-time protection.

These precentage are resulted based on whether any malware that are not detected are executed. If a free virus protection program failed to detect 10 malware samples, those non-detected samples will be run into determine if the free AV will triger an alert , block or prevent infections. However, if the software failed to detect at least 25 malware programs , it is considered below the 95% protection level.

We can say that PC Tools Antivirus is a better antivirus software than Panda Cloud. However, it does not only rely on the protection software itself, but the settings on the PC, the action that the users take while they surf, retrieving  emails or download files, the support by AV vendors for their product (e.g. are the bugs being fixed, do they use advanced technology, etc), and whether it has a fast detection method of new threats, and have effective removal and detection, are actually the most essential element to make your computer safe!