Sony has been doing a great job in promoting their brand, and up to now, there is nobody who doesn’t know how successful their brand is. They are selling laptop, Walkman MP3 player, launching video campaign, movies, and even online courses.

Sony took different method of transaction with their customers and attempted to maintain the relationship-driven communication with them. According to Big Money, Sony posted Twitter Vaio sales of more than $ 1.5 million during the limited-offer period. They offered a chance to their followers to custom build their own Sony Vaio laptop and get 10% discount from the final sale price.  Acknowledging the importance of dialogue to build relationship with customers and rolling out specialized products rather than generic offers lead to the success of Sony in achieving higher market profit. Additionally, Sony also used Twitter to advertise Facebook movie.

Another strategy, Sony Vaio promoted their brand by launching a video campaign regarding media addiction on Youtube. It was launched on 12th of August and has lead Sony to be a more recognizable brand among people. And below is the “Say No to Social” video campaign that Sony Vaio has launched.



Sony advertised their Walkman MP3 player in Japan by exploiting their creativity in experimenting any music scene from Japan, and transfered it into a music video form. This method of promoting  product brand is very common in global marketing competition. However, Sony Walkman have successfully brought their brand to be more prominent because they are able to relate something that is relevant to their demographic background with something that is cool. From the video, Sony is also able to portray  that Japanese experimental music scene is alive and developing. Below is one of the Sony Walkman promoted video, engaging combination between culinary and musical skills.



Sony Pictures has launched another method of campaign, but they just used an old school of campaign by using a phone number.  And this is the campaign picture.



The calls lead to a recording featuring star Leighton Meester as Rebeca, stating that she is looking for the perfect roommate. She will be saying like “We can share everything….” and ending with she yelling ” I just want to be your friend, ” after whipping herself up into  uncontrollable state. Kind of scary,though!

The last method of campaign I have found that the Sony Corp. used to promote their brand company is by launching online courses. Was tired of traditional marketing ways, Sony attempts to make a different and useful method of promoting their company brand. It has been eight years for them actually doing these online courses method, providing four different classes for online visitors; personal computing, home entertainment, digital photography, and business solutions for the small business. It is still uncertain whether they are now providing more classes for these online courses. However, I think, Sony has already done a great job in promoting their brand.