Why are some young adults not interested in politics? The following points are some general reasons why young adults have low concern about politics.

Political Efficacy

Young adults don’t see themselves are able to make difference to the overall government sturucture.  Exams, getting jobs, assignments, are considered to be more important for them, rather than solving political issues and critisizing politicians. Lack of timing due to school work and projects is another reason why they seems not following politics. They spend more time dealing with school and their future career.

Political Apathy

It is likely that young adults don’t see government have  much impacts in their life as students; they are going to school and not worrying about taxes and healthcare. As the increasing age, people are more partcipative towards political issues. They have more demands in their social and economic needs linked to government, for example taxes, getting a mortage, etc). It leads adults to understand politics and know the issues occured within the government, they automatically be more participatice and attentive towards political issues.

Despite of a lack of participation and concern from the young adults, it will be better if we just ask them to participate in other activities, such as volunteering, online activist. political consuimerism, etc. This will trigger them to be more engaged in the issues related to governmental phenomenon. People are more attracted to something that can give them an effect. By doing such activities that related to their interests, will lead them to be attentive and make politics become their concern. This help government to get more ideas and aspiration from the young generations.

The following link is one example of one young people participating in government sectors. This young lady though she has grown up in a family who deals t with government, her politics concern was born when she started doing volunteering. That made her visible to the government due to her dedication for country. And her career in government started from there. I love the part when she said that she wanted to be the voice for youth, and to be a representative for youth in the government.