In the future, the entire house will be designed for having a “viewing room” with full of internet access, and having an invisible screen that allow virtual face-to-face conversations between people. This will truly enable people to have more access to the people related to them. No more phone, no more computer, no more wedges are needed for us to bring everywhere. As the improvements in the speed and stability of broadband internet connections, this virtual face-to-face conversation, or we can call it as “live” hologram conversation, are able to establish in a real time.

This technology definitely give some advantages, for instance reducing transportation costs and saving time. We will be just trying to envision that one time Prince Charles or Barrack Obama is able to have conversation face-to-face with us in our lecture hall. Can you believe if we are asking questions and seeing one of them appearing live in front of our faces? There will be no distance and much time required to have face-toface contact with them. Another context,  we do not need to buy ticket to watch a live concert since we have, so called, “direct” live concert to see them. Or, for a particular band that we are looking forward to, do not need to perform lively on the stage as they can use hologram technology that enables them to meet with their fans and perform for them.

However, this technology will not come cheap. A live hologram need to have a fast and a next generation broadband internet network that can guarantee 20 megabytes per second.  Also, they need a screening room with compatible lighting and video technology. The total costs are around 100000 pound sterling. If we try to add the cost for hologram viewing screen it will cost around 150000 pound sterling. Redesigning the architectural concept for residential house is really needed in order for one house can embrace the technology fully.

We can just see whether this technology will be a reality in the next 5 years or not. World seems getting closer. Really. And White House is no longer at Washington D.C, it is just next door.