A company based in Seoul, South Korea, Celluon,  has developed a computer mice and keyboards that might be the future generation of those two computer hardware. Evomouse can transforms any flat surface into virtual track pad. The innovation that features cute animal, is equipped with two infrared eyes that can track  user fingers movement and send the input directly to the PC or any mobile devices. Users can give different and simple gestures in the area of track, for example, to rotate you should make a circle gesture with your finger on the surface track, or if you want to go to the next page you can just make a gesture like flipping book pages.

Besides mouse, the Celluon’s Magic Cube can also project a virtual keyboards that able to detect our finger movements according to the key we press. Any flat surface can be a keyboard. Furthermore, there are some people enjoy the mechanical sound from the physical keyboard. Magic cube also provide optional mechanical sound that allow users to hear the keyclick sound effect. Below is the video tutorial of the product.

Not only available for PC, Magic Cube will be also available for mobile devices such as Android devices and iPhone.